About Us

Having been away from her hometown for 20 years, Taiwanese owner Fiona Lee missed the true Taiwanese flavor that she was never able to find anywhere locally. That homesickness inspired her to introduce to Singapore the genuine, authentic taste of delicious street fare back from her hometown. The concept behind Lee's Taiwanese is the famous and very busy Keelung Temple Street night market. With a variety of popular Taiwanese street fare such as Braised Minced Meat Rice, Pig Intestines Vermicelli, Spicy Beef Noodles and even cold desserts like Red Bean Ice and Yam Ice, Lee's Taiwanese is a candid model of the Keelung night market right here. We insists on serving our valued customers with healthy and tasty Taiwanese cuisine. This is why our food is made with all-natural and high-quality ingredients. The authenticity of Lee's recipes traces right down to its ingredients; home-made gravies and broth; hand-made dumplings and yam balls, even sauces are imported from Taiwan to ensure that the Taiwanese flavor is uncompromised.